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FOLDING & GLUING – Bobst Alpina 110 4/6 Corner

Bobst Alpina 110 4/6 Corner
Universal folder-gluer for folding carton boxes

Convertible stock Solid up to 800 g/m2 Corrug. up to B flute Thickness 15 mm > Sizes: standard boxes (blanks open) Width max 1100 mm Width min 66 mm Length max 800 mm Length min 60 mm > Drive System Inching speed 20 m/min Operating speed 20 – 450 m/min Main motor 22.5 kW Connected load 100 kVA > Dimensions Length 14550 – 25200 mm Width 2400 mm Height 2800 mm Weight 9500 – 13000kg

Straight line, lock bottom, 4+6 point gluing, electronic upper gluing system HHS with 4 guns with multiply inline applications, lower disc gluing system left.
Bobst CUBE-control-system, electronic back folding section, pre breaker right and left, kicker, counter, fully automatic format adjustment, blowing nozzles at feeder, alignment device after feeder, pneumatic, controlled press station & feeder for setting, squaring station at press station:

Very clean.

Bobst Carton pack II

Processed materials (1)
Carton board
200 to 700 g/m2
200000 b/h
Number of rows
Number of layers
Dimensions & weight
4.15 m
3.85 m
2.75 m
Net weight
2 t
Electrical connected load
10 kVA
Compressed air
6 b
Air compressor capacity
10 m3/h