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PRESS – KBA Rapida 105-6+L CX FO PWHA ALV2

Year: 2011
Number of Units/Colours: 6
Number of Impressions: 38.5
Condition Note: Good
000 SPH
Coating unit with Chambered doctor blade
CX Device
Extended Delivery ALV2 (2600mm)
Foil Package
High Speed Package
Ink Unit Temperature Control
Kersten Anti-static Device
PWHA semi-automatic plate change
Technotrans Beta C
Press raised 450mm
KBA Non-Stop-Delivery dscending
PowderMax powder spray with ionization
remote controlled
EES � Emission Extraction System
CleanTronic Multi � combi washing device for blanket-
impressions cylinder and rollers
Kasper winding stand for wash cloth
Harris & Bruno coating supply and cleaning unit for conventional and UV coatings
KBA VariDry IR / Hot-air / UV end dryer
3x KBA VariDry UV interdeck dryers ( after unit 1 + 3 + 5)
3x exchange positions (after unit 2 + 4 + 6)
Becker air cabinet
air cooled
Technotrans beta.c high-tech combi cooling
air cooled
ErgoTronic basic console with Colortronic ink metering
ErgoTronic ACR � Automatic Camera Register
Densitronic Professional